This picture might not look like it, but it features the classic rivalry we all know and love - Mercedes vs.....BMW? Yeah, no, that’s a BMW on the right.... At least, its heart is. could be! Because there was a time in the 80s when you could buy a brand new Lincoln with a BMW inline 6 and a ZF automatic gearbox rather than the smog choked 5.slow and AOD your dad probably bought.

Just one thing about that inline was a DIESEL!

That’s right, Lincoln got their hands on a future classic BMW inline-6 motor arrangement but elected not to get the smooth revving gas powered 6 and instead opted to get a coal rolling, sulfur smelling, glow plug waiting, no-tipping, discount warehouse shopping, accountant loving, anal retentive checkbook balancing, save the whales but fuck the birds, tugboat sounding DIESEL.


The only good news about this is that we now know for a fact that the engine bay can fit a BMW I-6 in there. So the only thing left to do is someone to wedge in the motor from an E36 M3 in there and make a bizzaro dimension M6. 

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