So my 911's engine blew up at Laguna Seca in 🤔 .... February? (So stoked that it is back on the road by the way — super good Oppo!)

Then it took me a couple months to buy the replacement. I wanted 300 HP or more, rear wheel drive, and *cheap* ... alas:

The one at the bottom, silly.

Then more than a reasonable amount of time/money went in to finding a welder to weld in that bar you see keeping be from being mowed headless should I flip.


Then I had to fix shit. Wheel bearings. A couple bad hoses. A diff that is loose but not quite ready for a rebuild? Let that wait. You need to have money coming in faster than going out — especially for a hobby.

I took it to Thunderhill a couple times with the dry, tired, mismatched tires and the bargain street pads it came with and figured it earned enough respect for new brake pads, new brake fluid, and new tires. I was opting for Falkens but was talked into Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R’s and holy crap are they good. I thought I had pushed too far a couple times today only to find out that I wasn’t pushing them enough!


I didn’t break the 2:00 barrier at Laguna Seca today. My fastest was a lowly 2:02.

However, we’re talking about an antique. The car is that is a quarter of a century old. Cobain killed himself in 1994 to give you a reference. That’s like 100 years ago and it’s two full years more recent than this car rolling off the assembly line, during a time when gas savings was a huge thing and they underpowered it on purpose.


So it’s slow. However, driving a slow car fast — and being just fast enough to give the spec Miatas the the FR-S’s of the world a challenge still gives me great joy.


I’m nowhere near done trying to get this thing to go faster. It’s got a lot of gremlins. Especially with the stability control and ABS that seem to kick in if turned off — and at the weirdest times. “ASR” is stability control and it kicked in during stop and go traffic on my way home at about ~12-15 miles an hour, convinced I was in a spin. Yet it behaved today on the track when I forgot to turn it off. Bonkers.

Anyway — I’m stoked and wanted to share it and several Oppos have been really helpful giving guidance with this car that I knew nothing about when purchased — so thank you. Happy Oppo-ing!