My son got his license yesterday, and is already asking me about the MSF course and a motorcycle license. He has no idea how stressed his mom was waiting for him to drive himself home from band practice. Is it awful that I am not nearly as stressed as she is about him driving?

I offered to put a nice, touchscreen head unit in the Sport Trac for him, and he looked at me like I had offered to cut off one of his limbs. He wants the stock unit (AM/FM, cassette, CD) to remain, even though it doesn’t work all that well. He is enthralled with cassette tapes, and cannot understand my contempt for them. Believe me, kid, if you had actually lived through that shitty format they wouldn’t seem so cool. So since I stayed home sick, I dug some old tapes out for him


These two may contain recordings of the original Immoral Minority, a punk/thrash band that I fronted around 1995-1996 when I was in law school. We were truly terrible, but did manage to play a handful of gigs. There is a VHS tape somewhere of a show at the Randolph Teen Center that must never see the light of day.


This one is a Metallica tape given to me by a young man I met in Doboj, BiH while working as an elections monitor in 1997. I gave him a Megadeth tour shirt I had with me. I spent quite a bit of my free time with him and his friends, drinking wine and singing songs together.

I still love vinyl, but cassettes are horseshit. I should drag out the box of CDs

I don’t think he can afford the stock 8 Track for the T Bird.