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A Mustang, Unchained

A Mustang is by definition, a wild horse. It's an animal that even in this day and age, still answers to no man - a breed that roams free across the great vastness of America in packs, both for safety and for companionship.

The same could be said for Mustang owners as well, if we're being honest. Go to a car show. Go to Texas. Go to an IHOP on a Saturday night. You can usually spot them congregating near a local watering hole. They're a proud bunch too, Mustang owners, and they love their fast, loud cars so we'd be remiss if we failed to mention this one small detail.


The car in this video is no average Mustang. This is the Mustang King. This is the Alpha, the leader of the pack. And it requires someone way beyond your average driver to tame it, because this is the Mustang with the biggest bite, the fastest & strongest legs, and the one with wildest eyes. It takes a true cowboy to even think about trying to slap a saddle on it, and it takes a man with an even wider brim to think he can ride this stallion.

The man with the ten gallon helmet in our story is Tom West, and he's the driver and proprietor of the racing establishment you'll kindly call Payne-West Racing. Straight out of the Motor City, thankyouverymuch. And he's no city slicker either - Tom has raced cars for quite a while, and when this black beauty came across the block, all shiny and new, he knew he had to have her.

“We love the look of the new Mustang and bought the Howe PRI show car at Road Atlanta. Our goals for 2013 are to run all 11 races, be in the Top 10 in points in the second half of the season and be in a position to compete for rookie honors by the time we finish in Daytona. We want to be on the ground floor of what we feel will become America’s favorite road racing series.” (http://bit.ly/17ZbwBC)


As for the car in question, it's packing 500 wild American horses under the hood, which, when given the spurs, it will reach 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds. At the faster racetracks across America, it will easily top out at over 190 mph. All that performance for a price tag cheaper than a new Porsche 911 mind you. A car which won't even come close to putting up those numbers...or sound anything like this as it goes stampeding past your face.


You can try and chain this Mustang down, but just be prepared for it to bite back because Trans Am racing isn't dead, it's as wild as its ever been. This race was at Lime Rock Park, and the season is still in full swing so if you can, go check it out for yourself.

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