It’s 2017 you guys. If you didn’t make a video of whatever you just did for the whole world to marvel at (ridicule), did you even do the thing? 2017 says no, so I bought an action cam for the red soon-to-be-racecar Miata. This post, however, is about mounting it.

The camera in question is an Akaso EK7000, which has pretty positive reviews on Amazon, so I picked up the cheapest new one I could find...$45 shipped. I also bought this guy:

Thats a 3d printed action cam mount made to screw in in the place of your sun visor. If you know Miatas, you know that losing your sun visors is generally a positive thing and this should be the perfect place to mount the camera. And it is! Except that this particular one is flawed.


Turns out the hole for the bushing is just a little bit too big, so it wobbles. This is easily remedied with some glue, but that makes it not quite as versatile as I thought it would be...I was hoping to be able to turn the camera easily, but it’ll be basically fixed in place.

I think I need to add a ball joint elbow in the middle. That way I can fix both ends (camera and mount) securely and make my adjustments in the middle. They appear to be all over ebay for $10-20, so I think that’ll be the way to go.

All that said, I’m leaving tonight for Seattle, so I’ll do it when I get back next week.