A New 944 Owner!

Because I was asked to, here's the 944 that will soon be my new car! It's my Uncle's and he's selling it to me!(BTW I know what I'm getting myself into!)

Take a look at this clean, well-cared for 1985.5 944. It has 300k miles and has had constant service and upgrades during its lifetime .With a 2.5L Inline 4 Cylinder producing "163hp @ 5800rpm" and "151lbs/ft @3000rpm" according to the Ultimate History of Porsche book I own, this car will do 0-60 in about 8 seconds!


It's even got those lovely black Fuchs alloy wheels!

The interior is just fine for me, even with the dash cracks that are to be expected with classic Porsche's. A little bit of work and I think I can get it looking fantastic. It's even got the original Blaupunkt radio!

Now, for those that think the 944 is rubbish, too expensive to maintain and not worth owning. To those that think the only "real" Porsche is one with an air-cooled, rear mounted flat-six engine, think again. Sure, the 924, which was born out of an Audi/VW collaboration had it's faults, this car is a proper Porsche; real purists and fans accept the front-mounted water-cooled engine cars for what they are. And I don't believe Porsche fans should call themselves "fans" if they cannot realize this. Not sure why I went on this heated tangent, but I feel as though that had to be said.


Yes, it's true that these cars are very expensive to keep up with they may bleed your wallets dry; however, you must be prepared for that when you get one. Usually, some people think that these cars, which can be bought for cheap, don't need to be serviced to last forever because it's a Porsche. Quite the contrary in fact. if you treat them right, they'll last forever(or as long as you maintain them constantly).

Here's what I may be leaving behind for the Porsche though :(


This is my 2008 Saturn Astra; my first car. It's got 138hp and 125lb/ft of torque. At this point, I've only had it for 10 months and it's my baby. It's done so many things for me and it was there for a lot of firsts for me. I even put in this stone white REMIN dash kit to give it it's own personality. I'd hate to see it go, but what replaces it, will be so much more fun! :(


Any other 944/924/968 owners here? give me a shout!

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