A New Car For Ma Dad:UPDATE

EDIT: That was fast, he bought a 2019 Audi SQ5 Premium in Azores Green! Actual Car below. Those are nicer wheels than I have seen before. Pending TD and review!

My Father’s history with cars has been super cool, but has gotten significantly less cool in recent years. A few years ago, he had one of those twin turbo X5s that had the top end/turbo “recall” same color as the one pictured below. After that was complete, he dumped it worried it would be a problem in the future. I loved that car, I mean I wouldn’t want one but it was fun. After that he really went down hill.


We usually go to see cars together, I found him a late e90 335i with 3 pedals that he loved but went to go see it on his own. They didn’t have it when he got there and he bought a white 335i automatic instead...335GT. What a fat ugly piece of poop that thing was.

Most recently, he dumped that for a bucket list car. “A Big Red Pickup”. A 2017 F-150 super crew 6.5' bed 3.5 eco-boost to be precise. It is most certainly A big red truck. It’s nice.


Annnnnnyway...When it gets cold, the locks freeze up on the truck. He and my mom have had to HOLD THE DOORS SHUT while moving on more than one occasion. It has been looked at twice by the dealer for this. There is a TSB on the matter. He got it back this morning, and had a noon appointment...Couldn’t get into his truck.

LATER truck! I don’t blame him. If the truck were older or not purchased brand new I might look into fixing it myself or something, maybe. This would piss me off enough to ditch it.


So he was all set to go down and buy a 2019 Land Rover Discovery in white! Luckily he asked my opinion, I told him and instead he looked at an LR4 and an RRS, neither of which he was crazy about for that kind of money. My wife chimed it with all of her sensibility and suggested that he get a VW Atlas (because that is what she wants) as he could get one optioned to the moon for far less.

He bit on that, and was on his way to the dealer where I bought my Alltrack, but not before I could throw an SQ5 shaped wrench into the mix.


The one I found was sold, but then he found a GREEN one!


I doubt he’s going to make a deal today. So Oppo, what else should my dad drive? He drives to and from the golf course, grocery store, bank, and my house. He wants an “SUV” and a SQ 5 is about as small as he would go for.

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