A new Ducati SuperSport is upon us...

Earlier today I was rummaging around the Ducati sub-Reddit and I saw something that completely impressed me.

The new 939 SuperSport:


So finally after years of begging from the SS fans, the legend is coming back.

I think it’s gorgeous and Ducati is claiming this is a Sportsbike for the road; meaning that it will have suspension that actually travels in a bump and apparently a riding position that won’t make you wanna kill yourself after 10 minutes.

It looks very similar to the Panigales, but if you notice, underneath the now-typical spot for the LED lights it has a hole that is filled with (I think) halogen lights, the ones up top are only for DRL; which is a change that cheapens it a bit but it also makes it different from the Panigale line-up.

Also the side exhaust is a nice addition to the design of the bike to a more traditional way of doing bikes.


This bike was apparently leaked sometime during World Ducati Week and I have yet to see an image of the back; the most beautiful and striking part of the Panigale in my opinion, so if it matches up to it’s bigger sibling is yet to be determined, but so far so good.

It will slot in under the 959 Panigale and is apparently the 13th project that was started in 2012, the others I suspect have been simpler and been much easier to make it to market: probably the Scrambler line-up, Enduro Multi, the Strada versions of the Hyper and Diavel, as well as the XDiavel I suspect are all projects started back then; but also rumored Scarmbler Enduro, air-cooled Monster and 939 Monster.


I am really looking forward to the next couple of years of Ducati and maybe a 939 Multistrada? Pretty please, Ducati? Who knows, but I think this is a good sign for those who are clamoring for a return of the STs.

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