Last winter a tree attacked my car, and the casualty was the passenger’s side view mirror. Fast forward a few months until now, my wife has been sitting in the passenger seat and not having a mirror there annoys her. So I went to the junkyard and got a used one.

As you can see, it did some damage. But it was enough to make it unusable, it broke the motor and the mount for the mirror, not to mention the casing.


Knowing that finding a color-matching side view mirror would be difficult, plus I’m too lazy to search for one, I picked up a black one instead. The junkyard commented that the mirror was probably after market. Not that I cared though, I’m a function over fashion type of person.

Great match! Blends in perfectly! No one will know!


Fun fact, my five year old daughter doesn’t like the mix-matched mirrors. I find it amusing.


People keep telling me I need to paint it to match. I keep telling them that I’m too lazy and just don’t care if it matches or not. Also, I’m not expecting full retail value when I eventually sell it.

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