The new Genesis is ready to fight with the German's, but can it take the pressure? I think it can. And you should too.

I wasn't a fan of the looks of the old one, but this new one looks gorgeous. People claim it looks too much like an Audi. I see styling ques, but it's unique enough to remain completely different. It isn't over stylized like say, the Sonata. There's one crease running down the side. That's it. It's not under-styled, it's elegant.

Everything is wrapped in leather. Just as it should be. There's matte, textured wood on the dash. And god it looks good. The whole thing looks better than what you would get in a BMW or certain Benz models. And apparently the uncomfortable seats have been fixed. There's also a 9.2 inch navigation screen on offer.


Needs a Handling by Lotus badge. But seriously, good for Hyundai for getting serious about improving the driving dynamics by getting help from Lotus. They aren't selling it as a sports sedan, so there's no aggressive dynamics to how it drives. Steering, ride, and handling have just been improved for a better experience overall.

A 5.0 liter V8 making 420 horsepower or a 3.8 liter V6 making 311 horsepower, both bolted to an 8 speed automatic. Power levels have been dropped to improve the driving experience, a common theme throughout the car. All-wheel drive is available on V6 models, with a possibility of an AWD V8 model in the future.


It's shocking what having a "cheap" badge can do to pricing on a car. Prices start at $38,950, that's 3 series money for 5 series size and luxury. For a V8, prices start at $52,450. Still not as much as a V8 5 series would cost. It also comes loaded with standard features that the 5 series doesn't. Things like key-less entry, heated seats, and navigation system all come standard. Those are all up charges is most of the competition.


People are badge snobs, so odds are this will sell about as good as the old one, which is sad. I, for one, would drive this. The old Genesis was a good effort towards the luxury game, companies have to start somewhere. This new one looks to be a legitimate competitor to the Germans. Good for Hyundai for their efforts, because they've paid off.

Photo Credit: Motor Trend