Hey Oppo!

I don’t post very often (or much at all), but a new opportunity just arose in my life and this is the only place I thought to go. I will be a college freshman next fall, and my parents told me that they don’t think my current car will able to make multiple drives there and back if I wanted to come home. They told me they wanted to help me get a new one to last me through college. This is where I could use some help from you guys.

They asked me to help do research on what I should get, but I have no clue where to start, as I have never done this before. So what better place to go than here! So my question to all of you is; what is a good car for a college kid making semi-regular commutes home (thirty-ish miles), last four to five years, and gets good gas mileage? My price range is around $10,000. Now, this last part is a little more of a luxury I’d like to have, but if it could meet all those criterion and still be fun to drive/have, that would be wonderful! I am open to any and all suggestions, thanks so much!


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