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A new project begins

A few months ago a friend of mine mentioned that he was looking to sell a few of his shop cars so he could make room for newer platforms. I had been in love with a certain yellow s2000 of his since I’d first seen it, so I asked about it. He gave back a number that was WAY lower than I expected, so a few weeks ago I pulled the trigger. Now this is not exactly a normal s2000.

First off there’s this


That’s a GTX3582R gen 2 running around 40psi. Unfortunately, the brand new motor died on the dyno shortly after install. Cylinder pressure got past a few piston rings and oil starved bearings on a power run. So first thing first, I need to pull the motor, pull the head and take some ring gap measurements to see if the motor was built correctly. After that the short block goes back to the shop for a hone and some new bearings. The previous set up, a smaller turbo and a 2l motor made 820WHP.

The current motor, a 2.4l stroker, made 860whp despite having low compression on cylinder 3.

The changes are not limited to the motor, there is very little s2000 drivetrain remaining. The original diff died around 500hp and was replaced with this.


A Ford 8.8 rear end out of a Thunderbird SC (independent rear suspension)

The transmission died shortly afterwards and was replaced with this.


It’s a getrag V161 out of a JDM Mk4 Supra Turbo.

Originally my friend couldn’t get the stock dash speedometer to work with the supra transmission so it was swapped out with a Motec C125 full color dash.


And my favorite bit of the whole deal, engine management is a motec m150, I am really excited to learn the ins and outs of this system after fucking around with stock ecu re-flashers all my life.


I’m still not quite sure what I’m going to use it for. Part of me wants to throw on a GTX3076, lower power to about 550 whp, and use it on some of the big tracks around me where the turbo FRS still feels slow. Part of me wants to leave it as is and just own a 4 cyl that can make hellcat owners cry.


Either way, step one is to fix the hurt motor. I’ve got a bonus coming in at the end of the month, and have decided I’m going to put that toward finally buying a two post lift for the garage, so any work on the car is paused until I get that done. Realistically, I’ll probably be up and running by halfway through summer of this year, and I’ll keep updates coming out as I go (probably, like this one, at night because that’s when all my free time is!)

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