A new series: Particularly Religious Coworker

I have a coworker who is super into Jesus. I don't know what brand of Christian she is, but she's a bit too enthusiastic about sharing her beliefs with others. She's basically a walking HR violation. I've posted about her before, she knows I'm a very un-religious Jew, but she keeps on preaching to me anyway.


Just one example of Particularly Religious Coworker's propensity towards HR violations, is this flyer posted on the wall in the copier room.

In today's episode of Particularly Religious Coworker, I told her about how I bought a jump starter box yesterday and then the very same night had a friend call me asking for a jump start.


Particularly Religious Coworker's response:

"There are no coincidences, it's all pre-ordained by God."

There was basically no way to continue the conversation, so I just kinda said "ok" and avoided getting into it, even though I kinda wanted to tell her I'm pretty sure it's just because car batteries have trouble with the cold.


Oh well, back to work...

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