My 5 year old son has been bugging his mother and I for a fidget spinner. Since school has started up, he has been pretty insistent since “all the other kids at school have one.” As parents we decided that he could earn one. Then he proved he was the son of a car guy. He said he wanted one that was round. He wanted one with a wheel and tire he could spin.

So being a engineer familiar with the Shapeways website, I was fine with designing one for him. Here’s how it turned out. (The purple one is for my daughter)

Here is my order from Shapeways along with the bearings I plan on using.

My son wanted his tire in red, and the rim in blue. The rim is inspired by one on a 2017 Ferrari 812. I decided to make the tires interchangeable. The one modeled here is just a slick. At some point in the future I could make some other tires with different treads he could switch out on the rim.

The rim has locking tabs the fit into the tire.


Here it is somewhat assembled. I wanted to let my son see and help with the final assembly.

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