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A New Year. A new Reader's Rides list.

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Well its 2:30pm, Jan 1st, 2014, and I'm sporting a nice hangover and playing with spreadsheets.


I've had a few people express interest in getting their cars in the existing list imported into the new system. So here's the deal. The existing readers rides sheet is here. It is open to be modified by anyone, so please be mindful of sorting/filtering/deleting other people's data. It is also missing data that we need in the new sheet, soI've added in columns to it that exist in the new reader's sheet.

If you have entries in the old sheet, that you want imported into the new sheet, fill out ALL the missing details and flick the NO to a YES. The columns highlighted in orange are required (minus 'Transmission Other' and 'State'). If you need to update mods, comments, locations or your celeb crush (only acceptable answer is Jennifer Lawrence) that is fine too. Please use the drop down list in each cell, the responses are linked to the charts/tallies in the new sheet.


If you want to add a car, please don't add new rows to the old sheet, instead use the new wizbang input form here.

Results from the new readers list are here, in a handy dandy list format for awesome sort-ability.


Also; charts, bitches love charts.

The old sheet will be active for another month then I'll do a mass import and nuke it.


Excuse my Reader's Rides spam over the past few days, I'll just be promoting it a little while longer until it gets added to the Oppo Tools.

If anyone wants to be added as an admin for the sheet you can message me at

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