They should be building Corvette into a standalone brand, with various models, by now.

Corvette would basically need 6 models to be a valid brand:

A classic FR model, called the Stingray, basically an evolution of the current car.


The much anticipated MR Corvette Zora, capable of taking the fight to the best supercars in the world, and offer a comparable purebred experience.

A mid range sports car based on the Camaro, more refined and athletic than its Chevrolet brother. Corvette Sentinel sounds pretty good.

An entry level sports car, inspired by the Chevrolet Code/Tru concepts.

A CLS like, swoopy sports sedan, you know, for the added practicability.

And a crossover, to rival similar offerings from Porsche and Maserati.

Corvette should rival Porsche. Cadillac should rival Audi. GMC should rival Jeep.


Come on GM, build brands. Powerful, desirable brands sell cars better than expensive marketing campaigns and greedy, dishonest dealers.