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A Noble Post Embiggens The Smallest Pic - An Oppo Challenge!

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You know how some pictures on oppo are small and some are big? You know how the big ones are usually on posts that are really cool? This is not an accident


I know, right? Yeah, we mods decide which images get the treatment and while we like doing it, we don’t get to do it as often as we like, as a result Oppo looks like some kind of photo booth picture roll with the occasional IMAX experience thrown in for good measure. Wouldn’t it be cool if more stories were more bigger? I think so.


The challenge

Here’s what I’m thinking, On Feb 15, 16th and 17th, post your best content! Content that deserves an embiggening and make Oppo great again remember how awesome Oppo is.

As you probably have guessed, this isn’t so much about us just deciding to make the pictures bigger, its a challenge to product content that’s worth embiggening. I think there are a lot of great things Oppo does, but one thing it used to do really well, but not as much of lately is produce really front page worthy content.

  • A cool story
  • A researched topic on tech
  • A photo or shoot with a story that takes a little work
  • Anything cool you’ve thought about writing about but have been putting off.

I think we lost a lot of that in the great Jalopnik divorce and I think it would be cool to see more of it.


A few ground rules, if were going to do this:

1. No theme days. Don’t.

2. A quality shitpost deserves credit where it’s due, but if you want it embiggened don’t be lazy and don’t just post a picture someone else did and call it good.


3. The rules of Oppo still very much apply. Posts and comments. If we are going to have people work hard on topics, we have to respect their efforts and not shit on them if we don’t agree. On the same page, don’t post something intentionally inflammatory, It’ll get trashed

4. You can recycle, but only if you really feel it’s necessary, I would much rather have fresh and interesting Oppo content, wouldn’t you?


5. Keep the topics germane - you can write about things that fly, float drive or anything that you feel is in the oppo wheelhouse but no unrelated politics please.

6. No theme days. Don’t just see what other people are doing and jump on the bandwagon.


7. I will repost this with suitable frequency before the day/week so people are kept in the know, but if people post complaining about stuff or ask what’s going on, don’t be a dick about it, just link this post.

8. There are going to be opportunities here to mess with this idea that I can’t foresee; Understand that the mods have discretion to do what’s necessary outside of these spelled out rules to keep troublemakers from spoiling the party. We can also simply turn off the party if it gets out of hand.


9. Don’t steal stuff. Don’t lie. Duh.

The thing is, this isn’t a request for me to see more pretty pictures on Oppo, i think it’s a really cool opportunity to tackle that project or story you’ve been thinking about, or to kickstart the juices on a line of thought you previously hadn’t considered.


You all probably know me well enough by now to know that I like writing for Oppo, even though the pay stinks. I’m hopeful that this small “reward” is incentive enough to see more of the kinds of content that I think makes this one of the cooler places on the internet.

Who’s in?

Feb 15, 16th and 17th!

As a side note: I will be making this day public to Patrick George and his ilk at Jalopnik, as you know many a front page author started here in Oppo. I’m not even hinting that this is some kind of recruitment campaign (because it’s not even close to that) but if it helps you get motivated to write to know that people who have money to spend on talented freelance writers may be watching then all the better. I figure this is good for us like its good for them.

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