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A "Patreon Killer" for my fellow automotive content creators

Once upon a time, I watched ZDTV, then TechTV, then that went away and I followed Patrick Norton across a few online shows such as Tekzilla and Tek Thing. He eventually had a co-host named Shannon Morse, a popular tech vlogger.

I always support people in the things I like. So I subbed to her YT channel. Her most recent one she mentioned a new “Patron killer” where you “buy” people coffees called Buy Me a Coffee if you like their content. Can be one time, can be for products, etc. The content producer can change it to anything. Tea, Pizza, Beer, WHITE CLAWS!


I set one up and changed the coffee to beer (HERE). Probably no one will ever donate due to the type of content I produce. I get paid for it upfront. If someone ever does, I look at making one of these as a “tip” instead of a pay for content.

Take a peek at mine and see if it can potentially help you make a little side change if you have a following. LINK

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