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A penny for your thoughts, Oppo.

So my mother is going to get a new car soon. She has thus far been a driver (read: scratcher, rim-scraper, fender-benderer) of Range Rovers. She wants either a new RR (big body), or to jump onto the Tesla bandwagon. Now, when I was younger, I used to drive my parents cars all over the place and as such, cared more about what they were. These days, it's not so important to me, as long as she doesn't buy something that's just not worth it. So, my question to you: would you rather a new Range Rover HSE (V6, lets be serious my mom doesn't need a supercharged 5.0) , with the bells and whistles, at somewhere around 100, or a Tesla with the 85kwh battery (not P85, just 85, for range reasons), also with the bells and whistles at somewhere in the low 90s? I'm almost sure I could sway her in either direction...let me know what you think!

(Note: I totally understand and agree with the 99% of you who want to be like "Tesla or a RR? Screw that! Pick up a 993 or like 65 Miatas! Like I said, not my car.)


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