A little bit ago, I looked out my window and thought, “it’s pretty cloudy out, I wonder if we’ll be seeing any eclipses here.” But it was sort of particularly gray and cloudy, so I thought maybe that was something to do with the eclipse.

Then I took a stroll over to the bathroom, where I passed through the lobby and saw a bunch of people out front with eclipse glasses.


On my way back to my desk, one of my HR compatriots excitedly stopped me while on her way to a meeting. “HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET??? TAKE THESE ECLIPSE GLASSES!”

So I took the glasses, which were apparently in plentiful supply in our office, went outside, and put them over my glasses glasses.


And like everybody else, I stuck my eclipse glasses over my phone’s camera and took a crappy picture. I even have my good camera with me at work but the glasses would be too small to use a filter on its lens.


Then I headed back inside, and stopped at another lady on the HR team’s desk, asked if she had seen the eclipse yet, and when she said she hadn’t, I gave her the glasses. Pass em on down!

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