Yesterday I was going eastbound in my bike lane approaching a ‘T’ intersection where my direction of travel has no stop (the top line of the T). There were some eastbound cars up ahead signalling for a right turn (onto the vertical line of the T) so I begin to coast in order to leave enough room. As I approach the junction I’m beside a pickup truck who was NOT signalling. Just before I enter the intersection I see him begin to make a right turn, directly into me.

As a cyclist I do not wish to get hit and I also don’t subscribe to the mantra “it’s not if, but when”. However I know it’s a reality and a small part of me plays the scenario out once in a while. But I never expected it to happen quite like that, where I was literally right next to the guy.

I quickly swerve right to try and avoid him. He does see me, thankfully, and gets on the brakes. Some part of the truck, probably the bumper, taps my rear wheel or frame and I feel the back tire get pushed out. I am able to keep my balance and roll through the intersection. At that moment I desperately want to turn around and do some damage to his beater truck but have already crossed the road. He quickly glances up to me and then takes a good look at the bike lane (there were several bikes a bit behind me).

Adrenaline was pumping and I was pretty angry. I did not hold back in pointing out to several drivers to use their signals on that ride, and I’m doing it more now. To the car it’s a scratch, and to me it’s serious damage. If you don’t signal (I’m sure most Oppos do, this is a blanket statement) I will call you out on it and if you don’t care I’m taking off your fucking side mirrors.