From VWVortex of all places. I know, I'm shocked. VWVortex. What some might call the 9th circle of Hell. A place so foul even the Devil won't step near it. But every now and then, you get comic brilliance like this:

For someone who needs to sell this car you're not doing a very good job; your post makes you sound like a big ole' bag of dicks. I'm no longer interested in this car after reading your post but will spend a few minutes educating you on how to deal with people when trying to sell a car and how to not act like such a little ****head.

"do not ask me a million questions."

- What the hell makes you so special or your time worth so much that you're not willing to answer questions people have about the car? Do you really think some nutswinger is going to walk up to you and put $5k in your hand for this car without asking relevant questions? Pull your head out of your ass and wake up, junior.

"do not ask me if it passes inspection it has a sticker on it."

- A less *******-ish way to say this is, "the car passes inspection and has a current sticker." (for future reference) Quit being a dick, remember, YOU are the one trying to sell this car, YOU are the one who "needs" to sell this car. No one else NEEDS to buy this car from you so you're not doing anyone a favor, quit acting like it.

"I drive it every week. it is not my daily."

- This is good information


, how about a few more details? "I drive it every week, it's not my daily driver but it starts up every time without any issues; even in the dead of winter." "This car doesn't make any weird noises, blow smoke, and has no odd smells coming from the engine bay." Something like that might be a better selling point.

"do not ask me how many miles are on it the cluster is converted to miles and gallons so it isn't correct any ways."

- Go **** yourself. Seriously. If you're trying to sell a car you need to be the one providing accurate information. So the cluster was converted to miles/gallons, how was this done? Magic? Were there some little dwarfs in your dashboard doing calculations on pads of paper? Did they just convert it to miles/gallons by pulling some random numbers out of their asses? Did they just throw in a US spec cluster from a different car that had different mileage and not document what the difference was?


- How about, instead of sounding like some snot-nosed little 16 year old you provide some useful information. Depending on what actually happened something along the lines of "the mileage on the cluster is inaccurate because it was swapped out when imported to the US, actual mileage unknown." Or simply, "I don't know what the mileage is, the cluster isn't correct."

"do not ask me when the timing belt was done. I don't know I was planning on doing it, it should be done because theres not paper . work on the last time it was done. the belt itself is fine and probly has another good 40-50k on in but I would do it."

- More of this, "do not..." bull****. Well Mr. Fantastic Car Salesman, if we can't do this laundry list of things that typically occur during the sale of a vehicle, what the hell can we do? Are we allowed to wipe your ass for you after handing over $5k without asking any questions? Pretty please? Or maybe we could shine your shoes for you after we buy this car because we're so appreciative of the proper care and maintenance demonstrated on such a fine vehicle.


Everything after the first sentence above is contradictory. You say that it should be done because there's no paperwork saying it's done, tell us you planned on doing it but didn't (meaningless), and then go on to say that the belt itself is fine and has another 40-50k miles before needing replaced. What are you basing this assumption off of? Are you just pulling that number out of your ass, much like your $5000 asking price? You want top dollar for a car that's in mediocre condition but cannot provide anything outside of your baseless opinion that would help anyone determine the range of what the car is actually worth.

Look, ****-for-brains, the timing belt is a pretty big deal on a car and telling us that you were planning on doing it doesn't mean anything. I'm planning on making $1 billion dollars this year, hasn't happened yet but that was the plan...How about providing something useful, maybe a description of the timing belt or some pictures? A statement like, "I don't have any paperwork showing if/when the timing belt was changed but I took a look at it and the belt isn't frayed and does NOT look dry rotted." Having some pictures showing the belt would be a good start to serve as proof for someone who may be interested in this car.

"I have a fat stack of all the import paper work from 99 when it was broght (brought) here from Germany.
thanks for not waisting (wasting) my time"

- Well good for you. I'm glad you have a bunch of import paperwork that shows the car was brought to the US from Germany. What exactly do you want someone to glean from that statement? All that does is show that the car was not originally sold here. Ok, so now we have proof of that, which is a good thing. The import status can be verified. That doesn't mean **** though if you haven't taken care of the car and beat the **** out of it while not doing the required maintenance or fixing little issues as they came up (fender, rear bumper, etc..). The fact that the little things haven't been fixed and that you aren't able to provide some valuable information regarding the cars mechanical status tells me that you probably aren't very good at properly maintaining a car and that any potential buyer will have to fix/replace more than they were expecting.

Depending on what your goal of posting this car was, you may or may not achieved it. If you were hoping to drive people away so you can tell yourself or whomever the authority figure in your life is that you were unable to sell the car then congratulations. You've succeeded. You've proven, with one post, how much of an self-centered ******* you can be and why no one should ever purchase anything from you. If your goal was to actually determine if anyone was interested in buying this car (my guess from the "feeler" title) then you've failed, miserably.

If you've made it this far, go back up to the top and read this post again. Read through each and every little thing I said and try to understand why I said it. Try to understand what you can do to improve future for-sale posts if you ever want to sell a car. Maybe spending a couple hundred bucks and a few hours taking care of some maintenance items might help potential buyers feel more confident about the car and make them more willing to give you your asking price. Maybe washing the car and taking a few more pictures will help attract potential buyers. Maybe not being such a prick in your posts will make it easier for you to sell this car if you actually need to sell it. Or maybe I'm the ******* and everything I've said is wrong.


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