Right now we have three cars in our driveway; two are mine and the last one is on loan from my parents (apparently I’m the only child who will actually take care of their car). Needless to say, having three sets of car keys is annoying. So I gave them a new home.

Previously, all three keys were on my dresser; which is always a mess. It’s hard to find stuff there. So I went out, bought three hooks, went home, cut a piece a wood into about 12", sanded it down, screwed the hooks on, then screwed the whole thing into the wall. It is literally a “function over fashion” idea, but it works out really well. Also, I’m super cheap and rather do a DIY project then buy something. I had the wood laying around (we have A LOT of wood here, it’s sort of ridiculous but if someone is giving up free wood, I take it).

We put it inside my wife and mine’s walk in closet so we can keep better track of which keys are missing. Also, enjoy the necklaces of my four year old daughter.