A pleasant fuel economy surprise and some rambling

This is a heavy car, with awd, that only makes power under boost. That’s not a brilliant recipe for fuel economy. In the city, it uses 14-15L/100km. That’s 16-17mpg for most of you. I was expecting it to use about 10L/100km on the highway, especially with how intense the mountain roads are. Over the whole 4700km or so trip, it averaged 8.8L/100km. Almost 27mpg. Not bad at all. Oh and I checked, it didn’t burn any oil at all. Can’t check the trans fluid, since it’s a sealed unit, but I think I better get that changed. Probably should’ve done that before the trip, but oh well.  

Also, it looks like it has reasonable ground clearance, but it’s so long that it’s easy to high center. I scraped the bottom a couple times, and there was one road I would’ve beached on. Had to go back and get a ride in a JK Wrangler that someone had as a rental. If I had a skid plate and better tires I’d probably be happy enough, but I still kind of want a proper 4x4 that can also do long road trips. 


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