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VW made what was essentially a Mk1 Golf up to 2010 in South Africa. You all know this, I’m sure. However, they also made the same in 1994. And being that 1994 is about a decade younger than any Mk1 that’s in America by birth, it would almost make sense to import one. Let’s hit the web, shall we?


Cursory googling would imply nobody has yet imported a Citi Golf to the US from South Africa. However, browsing Gumtree ZA’s Cars and Bakkies section shows that a well-sorted and clean Citi Golf can be had for 35000 Rand, which is, at press time, $2362.48 in ‘Merica bucks. For an example with 85600 miles.

So... why is nobody importing these? And why should I not start planning right now such that I can import one in, say, two years time?

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