A post about a car

In light of all the non-car related posts this morning, here is a car related post. Uhh... uhhh :looks through drafts: Uhh Oh look the Volvo got a new front plate courtesy of my local indy shop!

The dealer I bought the car from in Texas “kindly” screwed a front plate on the Volvo after I bought it (it was virgin before) so I’ve always been rocking three screws up front. They local Indy (Svenskraft, if you couldn’t tell) asked if he could install a plate. I agreed as long as no additional holes were drilled.


Honestly I was skeptical at first, but I like it. It finishes the car nicely.

You may have noticed the “VOLVO” in my Volvo logo is missing. Apparently there is a TSB about that, but I am too lazy to get it fixed. It is on the list...

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