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A Post In Which Jordan States an Unpopular Fact or Two

This week I drove the 4Runner to work every day. I started this because of the weather, and continued because I decided to not leave it sitting for a while with a full tank. What this has to do with the title:

1. People who chose crossovers over wagons are completely right.

Sitting high in traffic is way better than sitting below everything. The view is better, the ingress/egress is better, and the ride is also usually better. If you can get mostly the same dynamics in something that is better, why buy a wagon?


2. Daily drivers don’t need to be enthusiast oriented.

This week has made me want an LS400 again. The step up in comfort and sound deadening in the 4Runner over the FiST is amazing. I love the FiST, but it’s a huuuuugggggeeeeee compromise.. I would be very happy to have a cheap, comfortable, boring, reliable daily driver, as long as it has some power, which rules the 4Runner out.

3. There is a point where slow car fun is taken too far.

If the car can’t hold speed or accelerate up a steep grade, it’s too slow.


This thing is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too slow. I start at the base of the hill at 70, at the top I’m at 50. That’s no good. The speed was a good reminder of why it’s been put away.

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