And the rabbi said to the priest "why haven't I seen you riding your bicycle to mass lately?"
The priest replied that his bike had been stolen and he had been forced to walk to mass every day. "The worst part do it all" he said "is that I think someone from my congregation stole it."
The rabbi offered some advice: "when I owed interest to a member of my congregation from a small loan, I just made sure to really emphasize 'you shall not steal' every time I read the ten commandments. Within a few weeks I received a letter telling me that I was released from my debts."
"Thanks for the advice" replied the priest, "I'll have to give that a try."

The next week the rabbi saw the priest riding through town. "I see you've got your bike back. Who had it?"
"Well", said the priest, "I was planning on taking your advice. I practiced giving stern looks on Saturday night, and when Sunday mass began I was ready to find the thief. I started reading through the commandments: first, second, third... But when I got to the seventh commandment I suddenly remembered where I had left my bike!"