Hi Oppo. I was thinking, as well as many other opponauts, of a Cycling offshoot of Jalopnik. It'll be like FoxtrotAlpha, but with bikes and not military stuff.

Through my months as browsing and occasionally commenting on Oppo, I've seen some cycling stuff around. And most of the cycling online community, are probably pretty stagnant (and biased at time). I bet roadbikereview won't appreciate someone talking about their new fixie. I bet the guys on the fixie forums won't appreciate someone talking about their new Pinarello Dogma. And so on. This is a place to fill in a niche in the community and further continue/improve cycling culture. Cyclists aren't certainly perfect (at least on stop signs, and I'm a fault on that for sure), but this can also be a place where it isn't run by a bunch of nazi like admins you find on other forums. Oppo is like that with cars. Everyone, from people who like stance, to the SLS owners, and the Camry lovers, are united together in a open forum where we discuss about cars and life. Let riders new and old unite, 4 wheels good but 2 is also very good!

(note: I am a cyclist, and I am a flawed rider. I occasionally run stop signs but keep my shitdickery to a minimum)

Now for some cycling porn that is totally SFW