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A PSA - Posting on Kinja

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Just a heads up that one "feature" of Kinja is that it has a timeout on editing your post; After a predetermined time [EDIT: 15 minutes], you no longer have the ability to edit. What this means its important that you treat anything you write on Kinja as permanent. Regrets and typos apply equally. Be confident it what you write as it likely will live into eternity (or until the next great kinja crash).


To remove a comment that the edit time has expired on you can ask the person you replied to (the author or the commentor) to dismiss the comment. Site owners and moderators also have the power to dismiss a comment universally on their domains (i.e. oppo moderators for oppo only) but its up to their discretion to do so. In light of this we ask that for the following:

A. Don't write something you will regret - Heat of the moment? Write it down someplace else and let it sit for a while before you know you want to post it.


B. If you do write something you need removed follow this hierarchy:

  1. Edit it yourself
  2. If editing has expired ask the person you replied to to dismiss the comment.
  3. UNDER EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES, that is to say not any little oops or regret, flag the comment and email us at (for only...obviously) to make your case. For most regrets and typos its likely going to be a case of sleeping in the bed you made, otherwise we will evaluate it on a case by case basis.

In summary - Try and write knowing that it very well could be permanent.

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