And for those of you with eagle-eyes, you’ll see that the tires are for a base Honda Fit. But you may remember that I actually have a Honda Fit Sport... which has 15" wheels.

Well I’m about to also acquire a set of 14" wheels.

My current Fit has 15" steelies with non-OEM tires that that likely came off of a pre-2005 Civic... and they don’t look great. And they are actually a little too big as well.


On top of that, sticking with the stock OEM 15" wheel/tire size would increase my tire replacement cost by over $200. And I’ll end up with tires with a 55 aspect ratio sidewall... for a nice hard ride.

So... I did some searching on, found a set of 14" steelies off of a wrecked 2001 Civic for $100 that will enable me to install the base model Fit tires. I’m picking up the steelies tomorrow.

Going down to 14" wheels will save me some money, give me tires with more sidewall which will have a more pliant ride, less chance of getting a flat if I hit a pothole and probably a little bit better fuel economy. Added bonus... I’ll be able to reuse the chrome wheel rings I have leftover that I bought for the Suzuki Aerio:


The black-steelies-with-chrome-ring-and-chrome-lugnuts look I think will look better than my current crappy-steelies-with-crappy-plastic-wheel-covers-held-on-with-zipties look my Fit currently has.

If the Fit Sport actually had a meaningful difference in performance compared to the base model, I would stick with the bigger wheels/tires.


But it doesn’t. Engine is the same, transmission is the same, brakes are the same. Though the Sport model does gain a rear anti-roll bar.

And I’m a cheapskate when it comes to cars.

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