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I’ve been really craving pizza lately. Hopefully I’m not pregnant. What style should I go for. New York, Sicilian, Neapolitan, or Chicago? A lot of Italian cooks moved to my AO on account of our relatively cheap property values, so I can find good examples of all four styles. Probably going to pair it with some red wine. My brother is visiting our family farm in Calabria, so I’m feeding my envy* with mozza, sauce, bread and wine.

*not really envious, my bro’s been working his ass off doing what he loves, and I’m glad he’s getting to see where our great grandfather grew up.



Ended up going Neapolitan. There’s a legit Neapolitan place I forgot I hadn’t tried yet. They did not disappoint. I ordered a couple margheritas. Cooked up some mushrooms in a garlic sauce with basil and ate them as a side.


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