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A question for frequent flier Oppos

Immaculate ‘84 Bronco.  I didn’t know the 300-6 was an option in these!
Immaculate ‘84 Bronco. I didn’t know the 300-6 was an option in these!

Doing a bit of no-notice travel this weekend for a funeral, and have a 4 hour layover in Philly on Saturday morning, from 9-1. Are the airport bars open that early? Any restaurants that would have a brunch menu? I’m not too proud to get shitty on mimosas or Bloody Marys.


I’m going to bury my grandfather. He’s the only grandfather I got to know, as my other passed away long before I came about. He managed to live through the Great Depression as a first generation American, lived through the Pacific in WW2 with the 2nd Marines, sailed around the world as a radio operator on commercial vessels, beat cancer, recovered from a stroke, raised seven kids, and loved and cherished my grandmother for seventy years. To me, my grandfather exemplified dignity, humility, compassion, love, and honor. He taught me to respect everyone, and that there’s no place for discrimination in this world. He gave me a general framework for whats right and wrong. He taught me to think for myself, not just take whats given. When I first started reading, he immediately got me a copy of Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book (essentially a kids primer for why arms races and wars are bad). When my mother was crying after my first tattoo, he asked what the tattoo was. After she explained the meanings of the symbol, he replied with “Well that’s all the stuff I used to take you kids to march for in the ‘60's! You must’ve done something right if thats what he’s getting tattooed!”.

I got 37 years with him that I’m thankful for, yet I still feel almost cheated. The first time I heard the phrase “the greatest generation”, I immediately understood it because of him.


I intended to hit publish after the first paragraph, and ended up spending an hour refilling a glass and typing this up. To those that made it this far, wow this took a wrong turn, and thanks for reading.

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