***Note: I am not looking for advice in this post, I’m just genuinely curious as to where y’all draw the line. My mods are happening regardless.***

We’ve all seen many post on oppo about how mods don’t increase but rather decrease the value of a vehicle, and for the most part I agree with them. However, there are cases where the manufacturer cut a corner, or made some ridiculous decision, where I’d argue an aftermarket fix is either valuable or at least doesn’t hurt the value of the vehicle.

For example: I plan to turn my truck into what GM should have made it in the first place.

- I plan to swap the stock muffler for a Borla, which is actually one of the quietest aftermarket mufflers you can buy. It’s not a lot louder than stock in most cases, but it’ll give you the noise when you rug it and it actually flows better than a straight pipe. So basically what I’m going for here is a good flowing, good sounding muffler that’s not obnoxious until I want it to be.

- I’ve added a sway bar. The “sport truck” models had them, the rest didn’t—why should they get all the fun? Easily accessible so I can undo the links if I want to do more extreme off roading.


- Spray in bedliner to replace the terrible OEM drop in unit. As a bonus, that means the bed cover will actually fit properly—the drop in liner covers the front bed rail but not the sides, so it doesn’t seal properly.

- Replace 1-2 and 3-4 servos with Corvette servos or better.

- Tune engine and transmission to remove as much artificial electronic throttle lag as possible and make the transmission a little less dim-witted. Of course a little more power will be aquired along the way.


- If and when the 4L60E shits the bed (“if” because these things are incredibly unpredictable. They could handle 450hp for years, or they could handle a gnat’s fart over stock for 3 weeks) I intend to build it into a 4L65E, 70E or better.

- Smoke the chrome.

- Eventually, reupholster the interior in ACTUAL leather instead of vinyl, working in some extra bolstering while I’m at it. Same colour, same look, but nicer to sit in.


Basically what I’m going for is very subtle stuff that will add up. This truck will be neither raised or lowered. It will get more agressive tires, but they’re going on stock rims. I’d love to swap a T56 in, but that’s not a subtle change and whether that happens or not it has no place in this discussion.

Other examples of this kind of modding would be retrofitting a normal fuel injection system on a spider injector equipped GM vehicle, building a durable transmission for a 90's Ford Taurus (or anything else that had the same transmission), and so on.


So oppo, what do you think? Do mods of this nature, as far as you’re concerned:

- Lower the value because the vehicle is no longer stock?

- Raise the value because the vehicle now behaves the way it should have in the first place?


- Maintains it’s value because of a blend of the first two options?

Feel free to show off your own mods for a public opinion :)