So here’s the deal. I recently picked up a fairly decent two-tone 1989 S10 short cab/short bed. It has no motor/trans, but the plan is for it to be a project for me and my two boys. The truck essentially looks like this (have no pics on my phone), minus the utility rack and built LS motor:

Possible end goal - we’ll see

So I was talking things over with my brother, and he has a line on a few U-Pull-it motors, 5.3 LS, 4.8 LS, etc. Now...I found a line on a L32 S/C, aka the 3800 Series III Supercharged 60 degree V6.

Example of the L32 - not the one I’m looking at

Now the motor is cheap, as in ridiculously cheap ($250 plus tax), but will likely need a full rebuild. I’m not looking to go crazy with this as its a father/sons project so I’m thinking 400-450 HP, 4L80E and a 12 bolt with 3.73 gears. A nice street cruiser.

I’m familiar with the LS family of motors, I’ve built three, two of which were in S10s previously, and I have most of the parts to do the swap. Literally everything with the L32 will be a learning experience for me. I’ve never owned a car with one, never worked on one, and I know ZERO about the motor, other than they respond well to engine mods, are fairly stout, and have the Eaton M90 S/C sitting on top.


So what say you OPPO? Do I go the tried and true route and build an iron block 5.3 LS motor, or do I do something different and go with the S/C 3.8?