A few months ago, Mrs. Ttymmnn rented a car from Hertz in Richmond, VA. Contrary to the order that I placed online, they added a refueling option and insurance to the order, without asking first or telling her that they had done so, and she didn't catch it. They refunded the fuel purchase, and we challenged the charge on the insurance through the credit card company, USAA. After speaking with USAA a few times, we received a letter from them saying that we were absolved of any responsibility on the charge, and they refunded us the amount ($115). Now we are getting letters from Hertz saying that we still owe the amount and they are going to send it to a collection agency if we don't pay. It seems to me that any agreement to pay is between Hertz and USAA, and we should not be responsible for the charge. Am I right? Is Hertz going after us because they can't get the money from USAA? What are my options at this point?