As you probably know as a fellow Opponaut, it is pretty common within our circles to lambaste automakers for making the lack of driving lights/foglamps blatantly common on base level cars. Case in point: On Hooniverse... Now, just because this is the only example online I could find doesn’t mean there aren’t other articles to prove this point. That’s why today I want to ask to see if we can find some cars where the lack of foglamps is incorporated nicely into the vehicle’s styling. For example:

On the second gen V50, this is the one w/o fogs...


...and here is one with fogs. See? Simple and elegant.

On the other hand, we have this...

What is that hideous little black circle under the headlight? Why do you need to inform us that we’re cheapskates Nissan?

There’s also a second side to this question. Which car has the worst incorporation of foglamps? Some automakers just don’t get it and stick them weirdly everywhere in nonconforming example for this one is the ‘08 Odyssey...


Now, this may not seem egregious until you see the pre-facelift version...


Look! The lamps conform to the shape!

So anyways, the question is:

Which car had the best omission of foglights?


Which car had the worst addition of foglights?

edit: changed post title to “Foglamps” in case there was confusion.

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