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A quick clean that was so quick.

Was asked to clean a colleagues car again.

It was last done on the 16th of February.

Went up and got the pressure washer out, very light traffic film and had seen some country and farm roads.


Literally turned the water onto the car and ALL the dirt came off.

I could of just dried it from there but foamed some shampoo on instead and rinsed, dry with Gyeon Cure as a drying aid and buffed.

Took out the front mats and vacuumed them, quick vacuum around the interior, wiped off the foot scuff marks on the front door interiors.

The colleague also has a Tassimo coffee machine so after making a coffee, I set the Tassimo on to descale, cleaned the car.


Descaling the Tassimo took slightly more time than cleaning the whole car.


Started raining as I started taking a few pictures.


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