A quick Enkie RPF1 replica review.

Will I go to OPPO hell for buying knockoffs? Probably.

ESR SR11, Bolt pattern: 5x114.3, Size: 18x8.5, Offset:+30.

Let’s start with the most vital and important factor. Rpf1's in this spec cost $1,150 shipped, these cost $680. (Assuming both are silver for simplicity.)


Durability: Quite good. I’ve smacked many many potholes and so far the rims have no cracks or significant bends. There may be very minor bends from an incident where I hit a pothole hard enough to blow out my tire and drove another 20-ish miles home.(there’s a little more to that story) But the point is the rim took it like a champ and balanced out fine with a new tire.

Quality: Predictably bad. The face of the rim is well painted, but the back is not. There are sections of the back that have a light or no coat of paint and small bits of dirt were painted over. There are also marks from the manufacturing process on the inside of the barrel(behind the spokes). Little uniform bumps about 6 inches long but barely visible were found on 2 of the 4 rims. The company told me that its normal and if the rims out of round they’ll replace it. So basically what you’d expect from a cheap rim.


Are the rims a safety concern?: In my experiance no, not on the street. They’ve never seen a track so I can’t comment on that.


Why I bought the knock-offs (excuses):My car had been on mismatched rims since August 2016 when the 350z rims were stolen.

A new sr11 is $180, whereas an rpf1 is $300.

Oem rims didn’t come in the size or style I liked for a reasonable price.(gtr 18's are pricy)


And I liked the look of the rpf1s.

Actual sr11's whereas the most of the photos in the thread are rpf1s

Summary: You get what you pay for but they arnt all bad, they wont fall apart if you take a corner or hit a pothole.(the internet may tell you otherwise about replicas) Its not the lightest wheel but being low pressure cast instead of using enkies MAT process thats probably a good thing.

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