A quick story about my grandfathers first car, and it's sad, ironic end.

My grandfather was born in a poor Pennsylvania mining town in the early 40s. His family didn't have that much money, but he got some good jobs and saved up to buy his first car. And that car was the infamous Chevrolet Corvair, the car that was "unsafe at any speed". It was the bright, red sedan model. Now they didn't know about ots sometimes dangerous handling at the time, so it seemed like a nice car to have. About 6 moths after he got it, his father was coming home with a family friend. As they went around a corner, the back end got out and careened into a tree. The car was totaled, and the lady in the car with his dad succumbed to her injuries and died in the hospital. The car, then, really did live up to its reputation.


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