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A quote from a brief rant on modern EGR systems...

"Also knocked a fuckin' vacuum hose off in the secondary air injection system so it's throwing me a code, now I got to go find it. FUCKIN' NEW CARS. It's so cool to be able to plug a thingy into a thingy and have it tell me everything up to whether or not my car is gay for other BMWs or some shit, but jesus fucking christ I don't need you to inject fresh air into my car's exhaust. That's like eating a chipotle burrito, taking a dump, and then pouring chips and guac into the fuckin' toilet."

UPDATE: It was a pinched hose. You may think those plastic covers that make your engine harder to work on are useless, but YOU'D BE WRONG because it turns out they're REALLY REALLY GOOD AT PINCHING HOSES WHEN YOU FUCKIN' TORQUE THEM DOWN A LITTLE TOO HARD.

Also, one of my friends tried to argue the usefulness of secondary air injection, and how on some cars it apparently helps with brake boosters or some shit. I replied:

"Unfortunately, I know for a fact that on my car it just injects fresh air into the exhaust at the headers -this supposedly makes the exhaust's journey through the EGR system and Cats and mufflers more efficient. So my comparison is technically unfair - it's more like eating chipotle with no guac or salsa, and then injecting the salsa/guac directly into your intestines right before you take a dump."


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