I don’t think I’ve had so many things shipping towards me at once. Illustration provided:

Currently, I have heading towards me:

- 2 brake rotors (projected to arrive today).
- 4 brake pads (4 for the price of 2! Also arriving today).
- 6 rally lights (from the same vendor yet arriving in 3 different boxes, 3 different mail carriers, 3 different days).
- A steel mounting plate for 2 of the lights (arriving tomorrow???)
- A Honor 5X (got it for $40, I couldn’t resist).
- A Galaxy S7 from Samsung (tried to get them to do a warranty repair before I sell it, arriving today.)
- The “Boys Will Be Boys...” shirt from Philip Defranco (for Miss Tesla).
- A poster from URealms Live. (for Miss Tesla, arriving 2 weeks from now-ish).

Carriers are mostly UPS and FedEx, with a dab of USPS for extra measure.
How I imagine my apartment looking like:

And just in time too, the rotors on the Rallyfortwo looks and sounds absolutely terrible: