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A rant

I work near a lot of “casas catalogadas”

Edit: you can have laminated glass, it’s just a bureaucratic nightmare to sort out the permits

There’s a small department within the culture Secretariat called “institute bellas artes” they catalogue structures and deem them untouchable.

Due to the high cost, these old structures usually end up leased to expensive restaurants or banks.

While far from perfect, Bellas Artes has preserved many of the city’s old, colonial style buildings that you can see across some boroughs. If you own a catalogued property you cannot modify the exterior, even for safety like laminated glass, and you could go to jail of you demolish it. For realtors these are basically the equivalent of a DIY project german car on craigslist: you stay away from them.


Consequently, owners have much issue selling or renting them because, due to their small size, are very expensive per meter and aren’t very flexible. The biggest critique is that these owners need to keep up with rising property taxes and the government doesn’t subside the very expensive maintenance these structures command... So many are left abandoned...which is kind of sad.

But not here, because no one said anything about paint! A loophole was found and well.


This is one:


I can’t say I care too much about it... But it’s fun to see people just showing the finger to the local gov.


The government of Mexico: good intensions horribly flawed execution

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