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I do not agree with Facebook, Twitter and others banning “offensive conduct.” It is bad to stifle expression and ideas, and it is impossible to regulate on line behavior in any meaningful way. In my view, some ugliness is the price to pay for free expression. Someone just sent me a link to this:

Illustration for article titled A rant

You can’t tell me Alex Jones is worse than this. Admittedly, I don’t look at his content, by my impression of him has been that he is a loudmouth clown. How is this ok with Twitter and YouTube? It seems to me that this give some credibility to to the idea that politics plays a role in these bans. If you never heard him while he was alive, I will leave “hate speech” to the great Patrice O’Neal.

“Why can’t I hate you...in speech?”

Ok, I can’t leave you without leaving you with a bit more Patrice.

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