I just read a piece about the Touareg being overengineered.


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I know that the term “over engineered” is supposed to mean that something is over complicated... But it’s a misnomer.

An LS is over engineered. The MK1 Touareg was under-engineered... To overengineer something is to make it way too robust for an application. Say, like using a 50W resistor in a circuit with 4W. It’s unnecessary and just increases cost.

If anything, a well engineered device is not over complicated. Over complicating stuff is expensive, and if complications are not necessary, they should be avoided like a plague. How can the Touareg be used as an example of over-engineering if maintenance is so hard?

Also, Piech is overrated. He seems more like a Human Resources nightmare than any sort of brilliant businessman or car geek.

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