*DISCLAIMER* I am not in anyway ungrateful about getting a free car, it’s just I find it ridiculous that my parents want to keep this car, even though a smaller, more fuel efficient car makes much more sense, especially since a car with a 12 gallon fuel tank gets more range than my 20.5, and I drive conservatively...

So I had to fill up my car tonight since it’s the summer, gas prices have been rising up slightly, and now it’s nearly $3 per gallon... Which means it costs $60 to fill up the tank if its run down to the last drop. Meaning if I fill up every week and a half, I’d spend close to $200 per month for gas, which is a lot considering I work part-time. Even if I made much more money than I do now, I certainly wouldn’t have a 3-row SUV just for myself just because ‘merica.

Unless you legitimately need to tow a boat or carry 7 passengers at a time (no, having one baby doesn’t count) an SUV like a Durango, Tahoe, etc is stupid and pointless. Smaller ones like the Rav4, Forester, Edge, X3 do make sense but not the large ones. I will admit, I sometimes take advantage of the Pilot’s large cargo area when I have to carry around a lot of stuff, but it’s really not necessary... Like a Golf Sportwagen can carry just as much, get much better fuel economy and it is easy to maneuver. Did I mention the amount of people who can’t drive their large SUV is horrifying? Even I am having trouble with parking and maneuvering in tight spaces, just because this car is so damn big.

Like I said in my disclaimer, I’m glad I got a free car, but it’s time for it to go and get something that isn’t a “status symbol.” I hate this symbol of “excess” though I do like it’s somewhat comfy seats.

TL:DR, I think large SUVs are so pointless unless you really need them. And while I’m glad I got a free car, I don’t understand why we still have it. I’d be much happier if I got an old LeSabre, because those are cool.


Have an unmolested Civic si for your time.