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One of my favourite 1/18ths, RACCCCEEEE CAAAAARRRRRR.

As of this year the Ontario Gov’t increased minimum wage to $14/hr, up from $11.60/hr. Prior to the increase I was earning $13.25/hr do the increase did not affect me that much. The jump of $3.30/hr was too much. I feel it’s affecting the restaurant industry the most. It’s also more noticeable in the moral at work. Every one is more bitchy now.

Before the mandatory raise it was good: hours, money, & attitude. Since the increase every thing has gone up. Hours are also down, I understand basic economics. So I get why.

Through certain co-workers I’ve been told the owner/chef & management (only salary staff) have got raises, & increased benefits. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know, but highly believable.


Corporate chain restaurants I think won’t be affected by the increase as much, where I work it’s not corporate. It has its draw backs & perks. Being not corporate the owner can do what ever he decides without a board to decide. Unfortunately he is using that to his full advantage.

So yea, the restaurant industry is going down hill, & where I work the core group of kitchen staff when have been together for 2.5 years can’t afford fuck all. Nobody can afford to pay their bills. All of us have complained & the owner blows it off like it’s nothing. Next (January 2019) min wage is going up too $15/hr, so that ship is going to be fun to watch burn.


It’s also killing quality work, I started at $11.25/hr, then worked my way up to $12/hr, then $13.25/hr over the course of almost 2 years. Now Jimmy off street can come in and scrub pots & pans then half ass the job, he’ll earn $14/hr to sit on his ass. We have hired people who have experience & started then at the now minimum wage prior to the increase. I feel they deserve more, but that’s not my decision. We just hired a cook with 20+ years industry experience, if I was in the industry that long to earn min wage I be mad.

It’s a slap in the face to people who have bust their ass to earn their pay, it’s tough high stress industry with a high turn over rate (gone through 30+ staff since I started). There are people that deserve more $/hr, they worked for it.


It’s a shame it’s going down this way, it use to be I looked forward to go to work. Now I get there & it’s the same complaining happens every day, & moral is down. I love the restaurant industry greatly & hope there’s a way to overcome this issue, I hate see it end on such a low note. The Gov’t to blame they heard most say min wage needs too go up, I agree it did but they handled it in a bad manner.