I think the Bugatti Veyron is an awful car. I don't see how it costs so much and VW still claims they lose money on them. I don't like the way it looks. But mostly, I hate what it stands for.

The ultimate supercar. It is not the ultimate supercar. It is the ultimate muscle car, but unlike muscle cars it offers nothing in the way of value.

The Veyron is overpriced, overweight, has an emphasis on horsepower over all else. It is beaten around tracks by an embarrassing array of cars, almost all of which are cheaper and less powerful. It's not that rare because they built so many (over 300), and they have to keep making special editions to move them. They are the ultimate showoff car for rich dudes that want you to know hes the richest motherfucker on the block with the fastest, most powerful car, but that doesn't mean he has to know how to drive. It understeers like the overweight pig it is and the engine/exhaust sounds like shit. It's exorbitant and exclusive, but not in the way a Pagani or Koenigsegg is although it costs just as much.

The engine is, at best, a bigger version of the W12 found in Bentleys and the VW Phaeton. The transmission is a nice Ricardo unit that was something special in its day, but now other gearboxes such as PDK, have caught up. They claim it is super expensive, but the Ford GT also had a Ricardo box capable of withstanding over 1000 hp, and that car cost a fraction of the Veyrons price and they came out at about the same time, although the GT was a manual rather than a dual clutch.


It costs over a million dollars. For that kind of money, you would expect the use of the best materials. In the 1990s, the million dollar Mclaren F1 pioneered the use of carbon fiber and gold in its construction, and had a very basic, driver oriented interior. The Veyron uses aluminum all around (again, like the $150,000 Ford GT), with an emphasis on a luxurious interior (which, according to Matt Farah, sourced its interior from the same company that did the Ford GTs interior). If I wanted a heavy, leather filled GT car I could have gotten a Bentley. You know, the one with that W12 we were talking about earlier?

They claim to have spent a lot of time working on the aerodynamics to get it stable at over 250 mph. It has trick aero bits and a suspension that lower in its "top speed mode". Very cool. But the Ford GT has aerodynamics that are also stable that over 270, as proven by the GT that just went 278 mph in Texas, and they didn't crow about spending tons of money in the wind tunnel to do it.


I don't see how VW loses money on this car. I don't think it's worth what they are asking for it, and the depreciation of the Veyron shows that I'm not alone. I'm probably going to take some heat for this post, because to some the Veyron is the holy grail of automobiles, baptized by Jeremy Clarkson, and to them nothing can beat it. Except this $61,000 Caterham R500.