So "Tiger-off" doesn't work anymore (Wow. Tiger-off sounds like it could be a tiger repellant). Suddenly people are dropping out, merely because they are being forced into using Tiger.

I can understand some reasons for leaving. If you don't want to use Oppo because of a political or social reason, fine. If trolls are continuously harrassing you, leave. If you are a troll, leave and never return.

But if you really can't stand using Oppositelock, a website with a community which I have grown to accept and love in my five months of authorship, just because of the new software, there's a problem.

If having to click once more to view replies, not being able to see pictures on the homepage, and bugginess is pushing you away from Oppo, you're missing the point. This website was already super buggy. Why didn't the other crashes and bugs cause people to leave?

If you leave because of the new format, then you really don't care for Oppo. Yes, the changes are sometimes annoying and require acclimation. Yes, people are angry about it. But honestly, we should be using this website for its content, not how accessible said content is. This website is not just a car blog, but also a blog for our personal lives and countless other topics. If it requires some extra clicks, fine. But I will always enjoy using Oppositelock for the laughs, the information, and the stories, regardless of how bad Tiger is.