Jeep is always the answer only second to Miata. Why is this you may ask? Because the doors come off.

"Well sure, but I can take the doors off my Miata too" you say. But it's not quite as awesome as a Jeep with no roof and no doors. The Jeep provides this feeling of total awesomeness whenever there are no doors to be found, as if the doors were chains holding it back from who it really is.

My Jeep has no doors. It's great. But there is one problem. The side view mirrors are attached to the doors, which aren't there anymore... This means the only mirror I have is my rear view mirror.

Now I don't mind turning my head to check for traffic. I don't want to cause an accident as much as you don't want to be in one. So why, I ask, why, do you insist on driving in what would be my blind spot should I have mirrors? Do you not realize it becomes more of a blind spot when I don't have mirrors?


Maybe I just notice it more now that I have to turn my head a lot. But I watch cars come up in my rear view at a rate faster than I am traveling, in a lane to my left, and then the car never passes. I look back and they are right on the corner of my bumper pacing me. I keep going and they are still there, just pacing.

I have to wonder, do you not realize I have no mirrors? I mean I constantly have people pulling up next to me at lights and making comments about the lack of doors, so I know you notice that part. Do you not realize how dangerous of a spot you are leaving yourself in? What if I didn't pay attention to the fact you were still there and had to make an emergency move?

This is a bad idea in general, so just stop pacing people on their corners, but more over, stop pacing Jeeps with no doors on their corners.


(And before I hear about how I can just buy aftermarket side mirrors that mount to the door hinges for when the doors are gone. I KNOW. But law here does not require side mirrors, and sitting on someones corner is dangerous with or without side mirrors, so just stop.)